Transportation Waste Management

Licensed Missouri Medical Cannabis Transportation Service

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Missouri’s medical marijuana facilities will produce tons of waste routinely, and operators are required to store and dispose of it safely. Diamond Logistic Services’ waste management service is turnkey, designed to relieve you of the stress, hassle and facility’s resulting plant byproduct.

Diamond is experienced with operating in other legal states with stringent waste management requirements and cumbersome processes. We also own our own Missouri health-department approved composting facility, and our disposal methods adhere to DHSS rules and applicable local and municipal laws.

The seamless waste management plan we develop for you features customized processes for all on-going functions: in-house storage, on-site separation and rendering, and off-site disposal and recycling.

Young woman holding a bunch of medical marijuana plant.

Useless: DHSS requires all excess and unusable plant material be rendered useless and unidentifiable onsite, before you let it leave your facility.

  • Diamond Logistic Services

    Diamond’s 50/50 on-site processing method is the solution


Sustainable: Waste is inevitable. You can appreciate that Diamond makes your waste sustainable.

  • Diamond Logistic Services

    Diamond turns your unusable plant material into organic compost, or we add it to an environmentally friendly landfill.